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John’s Plants August

The most important thing this month is to enjoy your garden; heady scents, bright colours, an abundance of fruits and vegetables and hopefully more sunshine.  The two most important jobs this month would be to ensure that your containers and baskets 

are well watered/ fed and deadheaded, feeding with a high potash feed once a week. Another essential job would be to remove all weeds from your borders as they compete against your plants for moisture.

Container grown shrubs and perennials  can still be planted but must be well watered until well established, a wide range of both are always available some in flower or bud to give a continuation of summer colour and fill gaps in borders and containers.time to prune the wisteria by shortening all long shoots, which are growing out from the main branches back to five or six leaves

Give herbs and lavender a light prune after flowering this will keep them compact. prune back all perennials that have already finished, trimming of perennials and shrubs might also encourage a second flower flush especially hardy geraniums, wiegelia, and roses.

In the green house continue to make sure your tomatoes are adequately staked and the green house is very well ventilated, if you have around five trusses take out the tip of the plant so there is a good chance of development and allow for ripening before autumn.

Pests and diseases usually flourish this time of year so take a walk around the garden and inspect for any  problems,  it is far easier deal with if caught early. One thing to remember is that if you have to spray try and do it late evening when there is less chance of killing bees and other beneficial insects.

If you need any advice or quality garden plants and products then visit us at John’s Plants, Doncaster Road, Langold, S81 9QL … always happy to help.