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John’s Plants June

June has arrived and night frosts should have now disappeared meaning all bedding plants can be planted out into borders or containers . Before planting beds and borders, lightly fork over and prepare the soil  adding a base fertiliser such as Growmore or Fish Blood & Bone.

Next always make sure the root ball is nicely moist and then water in again after planting, so the plants  will establish quicker . When planting containers with multipurpose compost, remember to feed regularly or add slow release granules  so  that the plants are kept healthy and flowering throughout the season.  Deadheading is another important job and if done on a regular basis this will help promote more flower buds and keep them looking their best.

Keep a lookout for any pests and diseases and act quickly to prevent the problem spreading by using a propriety fungicide or insecticide following the manufacturers instructions carefully.

More important jobs include

 Lifting and dividing clumps of snowdrops and bluebells once the leaves start to yellow and dieback.

 Lift and divide overcrowded clumps of spring flowering bulbs.

 Keep newly planted trees and shrubs well watered whilst they establish.

 Continue to plant container grown shrubs and perennials.

 Pinch out the tips of your  fuchsias  to encourage a bushy habit and more flowers.

 If any of your basket plants have become leggy or misshapen, simply cut excess off and this will encourage new bushy growth.

 As soon as your sweet peas start to flower, keep picking them to encourage more blooms.

  Dead-head your roses if they are repeat-flowering types. Also continue to feed them and spray against black spot and greenfly.

 Towards the end of the month if your Hardy Geraniums have finished flowering, cut them back to encourage new foliage and flowers.

 Stake tall perennial plants to prevent wind damage.

 Tie in and train summer climbing plants such as Honeysuckle ,Clematis and Jasmines to their supports. 

 Remember if we've had a lot of rain your baskets and containers may still be dry and require watering.

 Most of all enjoy your garden, providing the weather improves.

 If you need quality plants and shrubs why not visit us at John’s Plants. Doncaster Road. Langold S81 9QL. 

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