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John’s Plants

This month there are signs of the approaching spring, with bulbs appearing as light levels and temperatures increase. There's plenty to do indoors this month, in preparation for the season ahead, sowing early vegetables and preparing propagators ready to sow seed of bedding plants. Its time to tidy up shrubs, removing any parts that are dead, diseased or decayed, don't prune if the plant or shrub flowers before June as you will remove flowering shoots and buds.

Continue to dig over existing beds and borders, again incorporating as much organic matter as you can. Forking over not only helps prepare the soil for spring, it helps reduce pests by exposing them to hungry birds. Seed potatoes are now available and if you prefer to chit (encourage small shoots prior to planting )them now is the time. Planting onion sets in cell trays or small trays is also a good idea so that when planted in their beds they will be well rooted and the birds will not disturb them. When the weather allows, carry on clearing paths, check walls (but avoid concreting until there is no chance of frost), clean and insulate greenhouses and ensure heaters are working properly.

 ven a little insulation will make a huge difference to your heating. Continue to plan your veg and flower gardens making sure you position the tallest where they will not shade out others. Plant bare-rooted shrubs and trees and container-grown climbers. As long as the ground isn’t frozen, February is the ideal month for planting as the soil will soon be warming up, encouraging new roots to grow and helping the plant to become established. prune Roses by taking out all dead, weak and crossing stems. Cut hybrid tea roses back to about 8” to an outward facing bud and cut floribunda (those with flowers in clusters) down to 10 to 12 inches.

Hellebores - or Lenten roses - in their many various colours will be opening from now on well into the spring. Trim off their old leaves, both to display the flowers better and to prevent the spread of disease. Fresh new leaves will emerge in the spring.

Hostas - although there is no sign of these above ground yet it is not too early by the middle of the month to protect them from slugs  whatever method you choose ensure that no other animals can be affected. Do this again each fortnight and your hostas will have their best ever chance of not being devoured by their worst enemies.

We have a large selection of all seasonal plants and shrubs available and can source most plants if requested. Visit us at Doncaster Road, Langold S81 9QL or give me a call on 07979 377570 always happy to help. John.